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Aap kaise ho?
How are you?
Aapka naam kya hai?
What is your name?
Meri naam Basanti hai
My name is Basanti
Mera naam Shahenshah hai
My name is Shahenshah
Main achcha(achchi) hoon
I am fine
Theek hun
Not bad
Kaam kaisa chal raha hai
How is your work?
Aap mujeh pasand ho
I like you
Aaj mausam achcha hai
Weather is good today
Dhoop achchi nikli hai
It's a bright day
Aaj bahut garmi hai
It's very warm today
Aaj bahut thand hai
It's very cold today
Baarish jaisa mausam hai
It may rain now
Bahut jyada bol rahe hain!
It is too expensive
Sawe rupey ka chutta hai kya ji ?
Do you have change for Rs. 100?
Dwarka tak chalenege ji ?
Will you drop me to Dwarka?
Nahi aa sakta(sakti)
I will not come


The History Around Us

Every place in the world has its story, of how it came into existence and how it became the way it is today. Knowing this local history can help us appreciate the richness and diversity of the past much better. This platform is part of Mapunity's Local History Promotion Project, an effort to present local history to ourselves, so that we may know and retell it more, and remember it better.